The Ways of the Enemy are So Predictable

:) Read Nehemiah for verification that it has always been this way :)


Hank Haney, once the golf coach of SMU and now Tiger Wood’s instructor, publicly speaks out below, regarding “the ways of the world system”—even in college athletics. Not surprisingly, these are the ways of dark-hearted and jealous humans, in the business world, also. Many of you have seen it and experienced it. Certainly the similarities are striking, as well, in the counterfeit religions of man. There is a “police-state of religious look-alikes” that attack those they desire to bring down to their level of lukewarmness and mediocrity, as they did Jesus Himself. It is a “sport” amongst them to find ways to creatively assault those they hate, vociferously and deceitfully. As with Haney, the “religionists” of sport or business or any endeavor will snipe at others who won’t play the game their way, via the internet, in the newspapers, or by innuendo and carefully placed rumor. The world and the children of the devil are just like that. Get used to it. If you don’t do things “their way” and think and act like them, and revert to their level, they will PornNet you, to attempt to discredit you and fulfill their own egos. Here’s Haney’s experience, even in the college golf world:

“There’s a mafia at the core of the system—that is about ego, not golf. In that world, you have to ‘play ball’ to survive. ‘Playing ball’ means not recruiting junior players who are already spoken for, regardless of what that player wants. ‘Playing ball’ means back-patting each other, exchanging tournament invites, and so on. If you go against the grain, there will be severe consequences. Suddenly, you are reported to the NCAA for violations that have never happened, and you’re not invited to the best tournaments.

“I thought coaching was going to solely be about helping young people with their lives and their golf, and felt like I was able to do some of that. But, as for the rest, boy, was I naive.”

That’s how it is. : )

Still, of course, there are VERY Good Days ahead, for those who love Him in “a hundred mothers, brothers, sisters, lands, possessions, persecutions, and Forever-Life, “for all who Believe” truly. Take your Place, enveloped in one, or the other, of the Two Witnesses. : )

Living for Him—dead to the world and the world to us—will have its price. Father has planned it that way—to test our resolve and our faith, and our motives. Is it all for Him, or for us? Hmmmmm. : )

The Pearl costs everything. As it should.

And so, the Best is yet ahead. : )

Revelations 11:1-14
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