"The Word of YOUR Testimony"

What IS your Story??!!


So why, do you think, that we are “Saved…by the Blood of the Lamb, THE WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY, and that we love not our life, even to the point of death”? Why the middle one? The other two are obvious. Think about it a minute….. : )

Saved…“by the Blood of the Lamb, the WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY, and they loved not their lives, even to the point of death.” WHY does the second one have ANYTHING to do with why we would be in Heaven. Why “the word of their TESTIMONY”?? Got it? : )

How do we overcome the “great dragon” and cast him DOWN?! Who are those who have encountered “the Salvation, and strength, and the Kingdom of our God, and the power of Christ”?! Who are these in the Presence of God, in Heaven? These are those who have died, and Live again (Rom.6-8) in this “present age,”…“By the Blood of the Lamb, and by the WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY, and they loved not their physical life [or pleasure or comfort or pride]—even to the point of death itself!” And, what is this “WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY”? What has THAT to do with how the great dragon is CAST DOWN, and the power of Christ to LIVE and to SAVE is unleashed in our lives?

Faith in Jesus’ BLOOD as our *only* hope for the forgiveness of a wretched life of sin—the ESSENTIALITY of that need is obvious to anyone with half a conscience.

“Loving not our lives, even to the point of physical death”—that’s no biggee. : ) We have been released into the Great Hope of being totally immersed in His love, FACE TO FACE, Forever! That’s PERFECT. The consummation of our lives, to be WITH Him and IN Him fully, with no more flesh hindering? That’s certainly nothing to fear! “Death, where IS your sting?!” (1Cor.15)

Okay, that’s all Good. But, what about this essential ingredient to our CONQUERING LIFE, to be with Jesus in Heaven, “by the WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY”? What’s that all about?! 1) If we are ashamed of Him, He said He would be ashamed of us. Yes, yes. But MORE than that, and trumping that point—by ten thousand times—is this: 2) “The word of our Testimony”—our STORY of how HE HAS MET US, CONQUERED US, WASHED US, CHANGED US—our TESTIMONY, *OUR* personal Story of encountering Messiah and what He has DONE FOR US AND DONE IN US, the STORY of the MIRACLE of what He has done for YOU—that can never be denied or taken away when it is REAL and it is EVERYTHING to you!

You will never have to memorize some list of Bible Scriptures to tell THAT Story! And, if you don’t HAVE such a Story…perhaps…you need to consider ENCOUNTERING HIM again, or for the First Time! Yas gosta hab a STORY!!!!!! “Count your many blessings…count them one by one. AND IT WILL SURPRISE YOU WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE!”

“Marturia” (“testimony”) is YOUR evidence, your certification, what YOU have witnessed YOURSELF—and you would be “martyred” before you could deny what YOU have witnessed and experienced of Him!

Satan CANNOT stand against your STORY! Why? Because the power and forgiveness and love of your God and His Son is YOUR STORY, YOUR EXPERIENCE of YOUR encounter with Jesus of Nazareth—just as the “woman at the well,” and “the woman caught in adultery” and the blind man, and the lame man, and the dead girl… HAVE A STORY to tell. So I, so you, have a STORY of OUR witness, and EXPERIENCE of His kindness and power and love—proclaimable in clear tongue to the heavens and the inhabitants of the earth! We are NOT, for pity’s sake, some “lil christians telling some bible verses to poor people who don’t ‘go to church.” We are ALIVE—and TROPHIES of His grace and power, and have MET this Man, “if it be lawful to call Him a man.” And that ain’t just some Bible verses from some religiously-educated robots! : ) TELL THE STORY! YOUR STORY! To the heavens and the earth! To co-workers and neighbors and friends, and biological first-birth family, and second-birth Family! To YOURSELF when under stress or temptation! : ) God LOVES it. Satan hates it. : )

Yes and AMEN!!! You ARE His “by the Blood of the LAMB, by the word of YOUR testimony, as you love not your life, even to the point of death!”


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