GIVING SACRIFICIALLY, UNTIL IT HURTS AND REQUIRES FAITH is very, very, very, very Biblical. “Tithing” is not Biblical, however. Not anymore. No possibility if we believe the Bible is GOD’S HEART on the matter. : )

“Tithing” is no more a part of the New Agreement, the New Covenant, than animal sacrifice, or a “holy man” cleric or priest, or temple worship are part of the Covenant of Jesus’ Blood. They are not, and “tithing” is not. There is NO TITHING in the New Contract. Men, trying to extract money from God’s Lambs for BARF mortgages (Buildings Appropriated for Religious Functions) and Hireling salaries will try to pull Old Covenant Scriptures out to persuade God’s People to pony up. However, these same men do not generally also insist upon Saturday (“Sabbath”) worship at a Temple in Jerusalem, or in Animal Sacrifice, which are also part of that Agreement. It is totally dishonest and fraudulent to grab a line out of one Contract and another line out of a different Contract in order to construct one’s paradigm. Paul taught clearly that we are dead in our sins, and the Blood of Jesus is worthless to us, if we live in the Covenant of circumcision and Sabbaths and tithes. There is no “10% tithe to the pastor” in the BIBLE. That is not God’s Way. In this Agreement, God wants it ALL, and wants it FROM THE HEART, and wants it BY THE SPIRIT. In THIS Agreement, it is to be RELATIONAL in a living, current love affair with the Messiah. Our “giving” in this Covenant is to be sacrificial, as directed by, and in obedience to the Spirit of God, day by day.”

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