To a "Flatlander"


Note to J

What is a “Christian”?

To a “Flatlander”...

Conversion is Abandonment to the “UNIverse” that is DEFINED by a “Sphere” --not in a dimension you can see or understand or choose or obey or worship--as the Flatlander you are, as you have arrived against your will or knowledge or participation into this planet’s existence. Conversion is giving up all cleverness and control and desire and ambition of self-identity related to your pathetic, lame flatland grid... to an Other, unmeasurable Sphere of indefinable velocity and acceleration and texture and temperature and pressure and durometer, ever-Changing. And that Universe is a PERSON, Jesus, killed by flat landers such as you, by your pride and fear and irrational (to those who can See, John 3,1Jn1) independence.

And yet HE is Risen, against all flatland rules of understanding and “science” -- Alive again.

Religions and Denominational “improvements” and “alternatives” try to create for themselves a better “formula” to “define” all they can comprehend of “a sphere passing through their flatland plane” -- the “circle” that starts as a dot, then grows to a large circle, then shrinks to a dot and disappears. That “better formula to describe a growing and shrinking dot” is religion -- it is still garbage. Such a religion is not “wrong” merely, but filth to attempt to approach Him with a religion and one’s shoes still on.

And then.... A “more comprehensive formula” that imagines it can predict the existence of another understandable and therefore attainable and controllable dimension where a “sphere” might exist, and have such an effect as a growing and shrinking “circle” in your flatland world of lines side by side making a “plane” - that too is filth. It is not just an incrementally incomplete concept that needs further improvement. It is pompous defiant moral filth. (“We will not have this Man to be KING OVER us.”) To not fall away in utter capitulation and abandonment on every topic and every thought and every decision is to forever miss and lose what makes Angels breathless. Holy, Holy, Holy. Other, Other, Other.

Let go. He’ll catch you. :)

Let go :)
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