To Boldly Go... OR Stay Put


How can we possibly be satisfied to live isolated when Jesus has instilled the very opposite in our hearts?

In His strength we’re willing to leave homes, families, and possessions for the Kingdom. A few years ago we were listening to the tape, “To Boldly Go” and you mentioned doing whatever it takes to go where you know there are folks who love Jesus. There must be many other families who are in similar circumstances around the country. We’re asking Father to reveal what His will is for us. Any thoughts?


I appreciate your hearts in this willingness to rip at the fabric of your desires and existence, your history and your futures. That SURELY is the attitude that He wants us all to have, at all times. NOTHING can be held sacred, except Him. Not our “accomplishments” or “lack” thereof, nor our comforts, or lack thereof, nor our fears (and there will never be a lack of those). The willingness to “re-think” our situations from the “helicopter view” is very valuable, not only in the “decision” process, but also in the “purging” process—which is just as valuable. “Decisions” may or may not, affect our situations and lead to more opportunities to serve Him and to find His Benefits in His Kingdom. But, “purging” will ALWAYS affect our situations and enhance our TRUE Journey into His Heart and Wisdom and Fellowship. That’s the Place that we DON’T want to miss—and never have to miss.

SO, the “rethinking” that you’re doing is a good thing, no matter what—IF it takes you closer to Him. And it sounds like it is. The WILLINGNESS to do anything at all to be better Positioned in Him, in this present age, to serve Him and please Him and grow in Him... is the key. Many, many, many who “know” stuff—just make excuses about why they “have” to do it right there where they are, and GOD has to come through, because THEY sure aren’t going anywhere or going to risk anything. Job, biological family, fear, climate, social issues (friends, schools)—blah, blah, blah. So, key here is that you ONLY care about being in the center of His Will, and you trust that “everything else will be added” to that, as it is for the lilies and the sparrows.

I know that you don’t feel any guarantees in your hearts and minds that it’s all going to work out peachy-keen.... That’s okay. You’re not trying to “build” or “accomplish” anything other than one-day-at-a-time, laying down your lives for others, anyway. THAT is an “end in itself” and doesn’t require that “something” pop out the end, such as “the beginning” of anything in particular. God takes care of that stuff, and we don’t need to get too concerned about it. We do what WE can, now, with what’s in front of us—ALWAYS willing to drop it all (even when things are going GOOD!) if He wants us to. And our expectations are tied up in pleasing Him, period.

And, meanwhile, we hold on to and cherish the Vision that is embossed so deeply on the pages of Scripture, and on our hearts of “A CITY SET ON A HILL THAT CANNOT BE HIDDEN!” THAT’S not some “invisible church” of universal scattered remnant who never even hardly KNOW each other from afar, if that. NO! JESUS wants a Bride that is LIVING TOGETHER AS HE LIVED AND LIVES! But, that is HIS Business... and we’re simply to be FAITHFUL and HOPEFUL and never let the Dream die... while we’re cleaning the latrine and mopping the floor... and looking out to the Horizon, “seeing Him who is invisible,” and “more that are with us than are with them.” SING, O BARREN WOMAN.

Any thoughts of a different place to move? Or do you need to be patient and lay down your lives there, expecting nothing other than a chance to “uproot, tear down, destroy, and overthrow”—so that one day He may “build and plant” in that area? Which scenario—move or stay? The way to “know” won’t be based on visible fruit. Jeremiah wasn’t in the wrong for twenty-three years. The way to “know” is more wrapped up in: 1) maintaining the attitude that you have of being TOTALLY willing to do whatever pleases Him, regardless of personal cost... 2) laying down your lives, without expectations, for the little things He puts in front of you... and 3) NEVER lowering the Vision of what He wants to do in His Body, expressing itself “contending as One Man for the Faith,” “ALL the Believers together, sharing the very essence and fabric of who they are, together in Christ.” And let the Author, Builder, High Priest, Apostle, and Deliverer form the Stones as He pleases, for the House design and Location of His Choosing. All of that WILL involve making some decisions from time to time (such as those in the first part of this paragraph), and grabbing a hold of what things seem to be “the correct foot, in the correct glass slipper”—as best you can tell. Some things, even some things that don’t seem logical, will just “sound” like “the Shepherd’s Voice” and be confirmed by “the Testimony of two or three.” There will be no guarantees, of course, for such things—that they will “turn out good” or get you anything at all for yourselves. BUT, then we trust that if it is not about the “decision process,” that it will ALWAYS at least be about the “purging process”—if we are WILLING to be “trained by it” (Heb.12:11-13) and have our legs strengthened by the testing and stretching. THAT is an end in itself, as well.

All for now.

Love, mike
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