To "Preachers" and "Pastors" and "Authors" and "Music-Makers"

Get Up and Live


For all of those in ivory towers, never spilling blood for a Down’s syndrome child, never wrestling for hours to help a relationship in turmoil (other than by some ridiculous “appointment” or “session”), never losing sleep for twenty consecutive nights praying, or seldom helping in setting captives free in others’ personal lives, other than sterile attempts by a clinical speech, and borrowed words....

For those who speculate, pontificate, and hibernate when the war rages for the lives of young ones and teens, and they’re no where to be found in the daily trenches....

For those who have the nerve to SELL to God’s People, for $14.95 or $9.95 what they claim is from God, and therefore should be a gift to His Lambs....

For those who dispense wise words as talking heads, from pulpits (or couches) at some pre-arranged holy hour, but are nowhere to be found in openness and vulnerability, and risk for others in the days and evenings... the predictable cowardly, selfish, lazy (and often pseudo-spiritual) retreat to their “personal lives” rather than to where Life really is, on our knees and in the trenches daily for others....

For all of these and more:

“How vain it is to sit down to write, when you have not stood up to live.”

—Henry David Thoreau

“The Kingdom of God consists not of mere words, but of POWER” (1Cor.4:20).

For the sake of the truly saved believers in every denomination in the four corners of the world, as well as unsaved people who are honestly searching for the real Jesus, we need to reconsider carefully and Biblically what so much of the religious world has come to accept as normative.

Let’s all “grow up into the Head” and leave childish ways behind! Let’s not be duped by counterfeits of talk or emotion or group dynamics that have no lasting value. Let Jesus Reign, and the Body of Christ—the Kingdom of Priests, RISE UP and fulfill her Calling and Destiny! It’s time now! To “take up our cross daily” to come after Him is to “die daily” for others, just as was His Cross for OTHERS. Not ideas, or concepts, or emotion manipulating, or form, or gimmick, or program, or hierarchy, or word-crafting and then a disappearing act.

“God’s Intent is NOW, through the LIFE of Christ in His Daily Body, to make known His manifold Wisdom, even to the Principalities and Powers!” (Eph.3:10).
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