Training Is For the Future



Thanks brother, I really needed that... When lies are attractive and truth is SEEMINGLY demanding, I get weak. I begin to pet the lie and harm myself and Jesus by choosing not to deny myself. My heart aches for a time that God reveals my hundred mothers, brothers and sisters. I am glad that I can count you all among them.

Wandering in the wilderness (hopefully not going for another lap, but at times I feel like a grasshopper, even though I know I am not),


Carol, stay clear on Who He is and what this is all about! Boot Camp doesn’t last forever, so take the Training with Grace. You’ll need it for the future Era and Realm. It’s worth the time and effort, and “success” isn’t really your goal anyway. “We make it our goal to please Him.” So, when things don’t seem to work, or they are difficult, or even when we don’t get it right this time, stay on Course. The Training is for the future, so don’t regret it, or fret.

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