TRUE, Biblical Love


For contemplative line-by-line consideration of the thoughts below, Biblical 1Cor.13 Christian Love has been said to be describable, though inadequately, this way:

What we can readily GIVE UP when we love another (reputation, other destructive competitive earthly relationships, pleasure, comfort, wealth, sleep, geographic preferences, pride, insecurity, jealousy, selfishness, lust, shyness, loquaciousness, rudeness), for Jesus and others.

What we can readily DO when we love another (sacrifice, cheerful giving of things important to those we love—even if not desirable to us, silent extra effort with no need for thanks, constant prayer, smiles under stress, paying attention), for Jesus and others, What we ARE when we love another (creative, resilient, stable, patient, sacrificial, loyal through all things, kind, Christ-like), for Jesus and others.

And finally, an essential understanding, unlike the world and their failing forms of love: What we FEEL and WANT is not representative of “love” of Jesus or anyone else.

In our homes and in our prayer lives, in our neighborhoods and workplaces, in the recesses of our private thoughts and lives, let us commit to raising our LOVE of Jesus and one another to the heights and reality of TRUE Biblical love.

No counterfeit of selfish loves, no competitive loves of this fallen world.
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