Navy Seals, Special Forces, and TRUE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS Who "Follow in HIS Steps"


“What kind of man makes it through the testing? That’s hard to say. But I do know—generally—who WON’T MAKE IT. There are a dozen types who fail: the weight lifting meatheads who think that the size of their biceps is an indication of their strength, the kids covered in tattoos announcing to the world how tough they are, the preening leaders who don’t want to get dirty, and the look-at-me former athletes who have always been told they are stars but have never been pushed beyond the envelope of their talent to the core of their character. In short, those who fail [spiritually or in character] are the ones who focus on the SHOW [How will this look? What will they think? How can I benefit from this instead of that? Are they impressed with how I look or how I talk or what I seem to know or what I seemed to have done or accomplished?]. Almost all the men who survived possessed one common quality. Even in great pain, faced with the test of their lives, they had the ability to step outside of their own fear and ask: How can I help the guy next to me? They had more than the ‘fist’ of courage and physical strength. They also had a heart large enough to think of others, to dedicate themselves to a higher purpose.” (LT. Commander Greitens, NAVY SEAL from Wall Street Journal, 5/7/11) 2:00 p.m.
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