Unbelief vs. Unfaithfulness


Is there a significant difference between unbelief and unfaithfulness? Can you have one without the other, or do they always coexist?

Yes, I do believe that one can exist without the other, in one manner of speaking. While on the one side it seems impossible to be faithful if we are living in unBelief, the other side is not only possible, but too common in these days of mediocrity in which we live. It is quite possible to live unfaithfully—and yet without an obvious unBelief in our hearts.

Of course there is overlap to some extent, but there are many, many examples in history (modern history and otherwise) of those who, from all perceptible means, including evidence, had quite a lot of trust and even jubilation of Father’s love, purposes, and power. “Unbelief” would not very well describe their state. However, “the cares and worries of the world (and laziness, or poor “building” with too much “seed” of worldly entertainment or ambition or fears, or poor thinking habits, or _____), and the deceitfulness of riches (and fame and influence and desire for affection)”—these things can cause one to live UNFAITHFULLY. Even with a clear Picture of the heart of the love and grace and power of the Father (they are not overcome by “unBelief” per se), some are yet unfaithful to follow through and are not FAITHFUL with what they know. They have little unBelief (per se), but they are unfaithful to DO. Some remain “hearers only,” “know to do good, and do it not,” and fail to “persevere and produce a crop” because they do not press for the manifestation of Truth, rather than simply settle for the emotions and lifestyle of words about Truth.

With the proper Foundation of knowing Him and His Words, repentance, an appeal to the Holy Spirit for intervention, and often with daily relationship and vulnerability with His Church “that the gates of hell cannot prevail against!”—all of this can be remedied “THIRTY, SIXTY, and a HUNDRED-FOLD.” Good News, eh? : )

“Be thou FAITHFUL unto death,” friend. He’s able to complete that which HE has begun in you, more and more unto the full Day. : )

In His Love and His constant Provision...

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