A Very Cool Awakening


From a Sister…

Something i mentioned last night to a few, which i’m sure has been noticed by others, but i hadn’t heard it spoken…

Gathering at a large place with all, we all go home filled and over-flowing and mostly amazed at how noticeable it was that God was Truly among us. One person shares what was on his heart and someone else shares his heart; and how many people will end up speaking on the same subject. How it all miraculously ties together! We are hand-fed by Father.

Well, that’s also happening throughout the day every day, all day long, of course! I’m truly experiencing from my own personal times and conversations in the morning with Father, to who i see the first part of the day, to who i see in the afternoon, to the dinner hour and the evening time with Family…It is all the same vein. Father is Truly Very Alive and Teaching and Leading His children. Literally experiencing the scriptures of “when you rise up, when you sit down, as you walk along the way, when you eat, when you catch a ball, when you clean a bathroom with someone, and on and on.” But not just encouraging, but ALL Connecting. Just like times in one large gathering. This can Only be the mark of Jesus Truly Alive and Active in us. Truly the mark of a people who are Listening and allowing Jesus to be the Head of their individual lives and hearts. Truly the mark of One body. A very cool awakening for me.

p.s. I remembered that scene in the “Abraham” video where he is before pharaoh and said “look to her”, meaning… look around you and see God’s people and my wife are untouched by this curse on your land. They were all one and healthy and safe. God’s presence was obvious. “Take a look around” : ) 10:15 a.m.

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