Vessels in His Hand


“Many people should be greatly used by God; they should be powerful vessels in His hand. Yet they fail to be used by God; and even if they are used, they are not very effective vessels. One of the prime reasons is their lack of restraint in speech. Carelessness in this matter of speech is an opening through which the power of God may either flow out or leak away. Unfortunately, many allow the power of God to leak away. What a pity that many who ought to be used by God are disabled because their mouth is as a large hole that leaks out His power. Power is drained, if our mouth sends forth both carnal and spiritual speech. The problem of many lies in their much speaking, or in their careless, unsanctified words. Our mouth is called to be sanctified as a holy vessel for the service of the Lord. How much more, then, must we guard it, as we guard carefully our heart! We cannot let it be unbridled.” (Nee) 11:00 a.m.
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