Can I walk with Jesus daily, by His Spirit?


Hi there,

So, I’ve read Revelation of Christ and feel like I did some real Walking for the first time ever for a time after reading it, then got prideful in what was happening, and lost it. :( This was months ago. I still pray for His companionship, I still long for it. Anything else, compared to walking in Him is just so empty and plain and striving and painful. In talking to some one about it, they thought that it would be impossible to have that kind of awareness of His presence all the time. And that’s what I’m talking about; yes, in the first day it was mostly mushy feelings that felt all good, but that’s not all it was. It was this constant contact, ya know, like holding someOne’s hand! And even when it wasn’t fluffy feeling, it was still way greater than anything else I’ve been through. Before talking to this friend I was convinced that what I had experienced was minimum, it was how we are supposed to be connected to our Head. But now I’m not sure. No one has agreed with me—they think it is just some kind of “bonus.” In the meantime I miss Him sooooo much, to the point of tears. I HATE striving. Is it a Needing the parts of the Body that keeps it going, and by myself I am just a little fingernail sticking out of a head that will just fall off eventually? Am I misunderstanding what a true walking revelation of Christ is? I so want to live everyday as I did for that time. Any thoughts?

Love, Randy

Hi Randy. An important question for us all. Thanks. : ) 

Let’s break it down a bit....

1) You’re not ever going to feel complete or competent, or “successfully swallowed up in His Spirit.” He’s too big for that—we ain’t Him. : ) And equally as Important (Eph.3:10, Mat.16:18), He has a PLAN: We will ALWAYS need each other (see 1Cor.12, Rom.12, Eph.4, Acts 13:1, etc)—and never be “allowed” to be “so Connected” that there will be no more need for others, or the humility of needing “the testimony of two or three” in many things. SO, we’ll always be “blocked” from having independent “revelation” that “completes” us. That’s a good thing, though, not a bad thing. : )

2) We WILL always have “good days and bad days”—and! by the loss of said Fellowship with the Spirit, He will USE this “loss” to assist us in discovering sins, and neglect and pride and selfishness that grieve the Spirit. So, of course we will have “good days and bad” as we learn to “keep in step with the Spirit” (see how holiness is related to walking in the Spirit, in Gal.5:16-26).

3) Pain comes with “surpassing great revelation” (2Cor.12). So, repulsed by that, few will pay the Price anyway.

4) SOME of the “ups and downs” are because He wants us to want HIM, not “an experience of Him.” He will thwart all “feelings” in order that we might trust Him and walk in FAITH and OBEDIENCE, even when we feel “down.” It’s our calling to “rejoice not when the devils submit in His Name”—but simply to rejoice in His Blood, at all times, regardless of ANYthing else.

5) Anyone who tells you that you CANNOT have a daily REAL relationship with Father, in the Son, by the Spirit is missing something spectacular of the very nature of the New Agreement itself: “Christ IN IN IN IN IN you—the hope of Glory!” How can our ULTIMATE limit be any LESS than WHATEVER JESUS HAD WITH THE FATHER??!! If we really actually BELIEVE the Bible, and the New Covenant itself, then only JESUS is our “limit”—and “rivers of ALIVE WATER FLOWING FROM US” and “TASTING THE POWERS OF THE COMING AGE” are expected, not held out as some unrealistic “ideal”—far from our ability to experience. “GREATER works than these shall you do.” : ) DARE we draw a “line” of unBelief in the sand, simply because some may not KNOW anyone who believes and obeys and loves such that God can draw them very near Himself, that Jesus Within might manifest Himself in them and through them in a marvelous way? Hmmmmm. : )
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