Christians and War


While God DID say (Rom.13) that the government holds “the sword of execution” (Greek) and therefore both war and even capital punishment are possible for GOVERNMENTS, those are “civilian affairs” and have nothing to do with Believers. We try to be supportive of the government and its agencies (police, military, lawmakers, etc)—but that is FAR different than PARTICIPATING in “civilian affairs” ourselves. I’m glad that someone delivers mail, and works at checkout counters at the pharmacy. However *I* will not be delivering porn magazines and selling liquor. There are a LOT of “jobs” that pagans can legitimately hold that WE may not. It’s been that way all the way back to the first century when it was VERY scandalous to the Roman empire that newly converted Christians were unwilling to participate in the “trade unions” (blacksmiths, etc) as they once had. Why? Because of the “false god statues” that were in every union hall as part of their “pledge of allegiance” to the union. Scandal. Pagans can do things (since they are only “placekeepers” on the planet, if their hearts are hard towards God) that the Twice-Born may not.

As I said when I was there the other day, “war” for pagans has its place, though generally foolish and selfish and dishonest. “Defense” CAN be right at times, Biblically. However, for BELIEVERS war is what Paul called “civilian affairs”. Guns and fighting and killing and war have NOTHING to do with Christians. God said that we are to “have nothing to do with civilian affairs” because our only goal is to please God. There is nothing in common between 1) killing the daddies of young children, or the sons and daughters of parents, and sending most of them straight to hell without the Good News…and 2) “turn the other cheek when you are struck on one.” These two are totally incompatible, of course.

I’m not suggesting some “militant” anti-anything prudish obsession, as you WELL know. But, great caution with our young ones, as well as exercising wisdom with our OWN hearts is very much in order. When someone gets “killed”—even in a movie—we really OUGHT to protect our own hearts and “identify” for a millisecond that any real death is another soul in hell in most cases (“FEW will be those who find Eternal Life”). WE must not allow our own hearts to be hardened by violence or death, either. We need to take charge of our own hearts and minds to RECOGNIZE what is happening, and what death means, rather than being sucked into the violence and hatred and emptiness of the world.
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