We are Jars of Clay


We are all jars of clay,

With gifts to offer each day.

The things inside us are meant to be shared

Only then will others see how you have cared

Let go of the fear, pride, and self-life

Choose love and peace, healing all strife

Covered in His Blood we will not waver,

For any of our chains are but of paper.

Now Twice-born, we are Children of the King

Nothing to the table did we bring.

Jesus did it all, He made scarlet into pure white

It’s a done deal! Settle it! Now give in the fight!

Our last name is secure and never changing

Only our old man is forever fading.

Father has us in the palm of His hand

So even failures can be redeemed by His plan.

In the light of His forever love,

Let us become fathers who rise up!

As we take up the torch and for others fight

Even the smallest acts of love shine bright.

Serve, invest, intercede, keep alert

Loving others no matter the hurt.

For others, our lives are laid on the altar

To keep our sisters and brothers from falter.

Bust out, Break forth, Begin

It’s selfish to keep His jewels within.

We all are broken, all need help

That is part of what Life is about.

Problems don’t disqualify

They will help us to Testify!

Choose what your legacy will be?

He wants to have a testimony!

Use your words to proclaim His Glory

Weaknesses overcome, will make a great story.

Instead of quietly soaking it in

Share your feelings and thoughts, not only your sin.

Even choosing one person to tell

What happens inside you or when you fell

Express conviction, hopes, and dreams

For these things each form the seams

Of the beautiful fabric that is being sewn

Together of lives dancing around His Throne!

Children, Fathers, and Young Men,

Don’t hide away what is of Him.

When you make your words true,

Then no apology is due.

Be bold, risk, put it all on the line

In following Him, everything will be just fine!

Attack the enemy, go for the walls!

In the end, there will be no draws.

So let your light shine like stars Bright and Righteous!

For our King reigns and will forever reign Victorious!


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