We Must Be Family


We can’t believe some Christians could not even talk about being family, and have to wait until they’re in heaven “then they have a lot of things to catch up.” Such terminologies are very organizational, not suited for family relationships, just “protection” from the real thing and….waste of time!

Just what in this world they are doing if not desiring for real intimate relationships with one another? Protecting flesh and self-life from the cross?

Feel pity for these brethren….


Jesus said in John 17 that intimacy IS the very heart of “Eternal Life”—read the whole chapter—Father to Son, Son with us, us with one another!

And He said, “This is HOWWWWWWWW all men will know that my Life is from Heaven and what Christianity IS—by the LOVE they SEE you have for each other.”

And “God IS Love”!! What in the world kind of “christianity” do they think they can have without a practical, visible, daily LOVE for each other!!!

Yikes! If GOD IS LOVE, and 1Jn1-1Jn4 makes it pretty clear that a person who DOESN’T want visible, true, practical love (in all likelihood, according to “the apostle of love” ironically : ) ) ISN’T EVEN A CHRISTIAN. Maybe some or many aren’t “brethren” at all according to the Bible? If the Words of God are the Truth, then it has to be suspicious when folks try to avoid laying down their lives for others daily, or avoid holiness for Jesus. Prayer, love, and fasting for all the Lamb DESERVES. : )

The entirety of the “shadow” of the Old Covenant was based—as is the “reality” of the New Agreement—on the Sacrificial System. The Father brought His best. And so do we by His Spirit, or it’s not His Covenant, His “great Salvation” at all. But if we do that Malachi thing and accept His Invitation to taste and test and See without protecting our flesh and desires, we LIVE when we die to what “we want.” If we will choose to live in FAITH we will Know that He “is good and does good.” Giving our ALL births the miracle of Laughter, Isaac—while living and risking only for our own desires and ideas and self-protection and time and resources—births only Ishmael. “It is the same now.”

“Sing, oh barren Woman!”


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