Weight Loss 2


I’ve been through a Bible-based program that teaches this about weight loss:

Do you count how many breaths you take in a certain amount of time? No, your body was preprogrammed by the Master Programmer to know exactly how many breaths it would need at any given time.

Weren’t your stomach, related cravings and hunger pangs also preprogrammed? Of course. If I eat when I am hungry and what I am hungry for, I will not experience a weight problem.

Therefore, why do we count calories? Because we have made food and calories another god to be controlled.

The basis of overeating is feeding a hungering after the Lord with something besides the Lord.

So, in order to return to a more God-given shape, obey the hunger pangs God gave you, and eat when you have them. Stop when your stomach says it is comfortable (not stuffed!) again. Eat the foods you crave, not “diet”-controlled foods.

And when you want to eat, but your stomach is not growling, seek your Creator who designed you to crave Him.

In Jesus,

Actually, this statement (“Weren’t your stomach, related cravings and hunger pangs also preprogrammed? Of course.”) has no Biblical or scientific basis. Your “hunger” is not preprogrammed, but is regulated by your pituitary gland and its secretion of the adrenocorticotropic and thyrotropin hormones. These hormones affect both the metabolism and appetite “feelings” and are part of God’s Design. God designed our bodies to function at a certain rate of caloric “burn,” and the pituitary gland DOES NOT WORK WELL when we are sedentary or lazy. It’s like running your car in first gear, and wondering why you’re getting crummy gas mileage. Most cars are designed to run most efficiently at something like 2500 rpm, in fifth gear, in a five-speed. Only THERE will the “machine” run best.

God’s Design of our bodies is “calibrated” to “work properly” when we are burning calories at a decent rate. Ever wonder why a “couch potato” is always hungry, and can eat and eat and eat—and an athlete “just isn’t hungry” after they have eaten enough? It’s because God’s Design is that our bodies DO tell us when “we have had enough”... IF we are running them at the correct “rpm” and not being lazy. That’s how it works. : ) “Exercise” increases our metabolisms, tones muscles (which burn excess calories while we sleep, to the extent that an extra pound of muscle will burn 25 pounds of what would have been fat, annually), and allows our pituitary gland to tell us accurately when “we don’t want any more food.” Try it sometime. Do nothing for a week except sit on a couch, and see if you can’t eat and eat and eat, and never know if you’re “full” or not. God’s Design is magnificent. When we are functioning in the higher “calorie-burn” range because we are active as God Designed us to be, the pituitary gland and related components are VERY good at telling us, “You don’t need that KIND of food,” and “You have had plenty—put it away.” : )

And I know about the “program” you’re referring to, I reckon.... But, if the statement “preprogrammed hunger pangs” is “Bible based,” then I’ll eat my daughter’s hamster for dinner! That is NOT “Bible-based,” and a lot of the “program” is speculation and preference, with Scripture thrown in, though she does have some good things to say, of course. : ) Actually, when she’s dealing with repentance rather than her food-hobby, she’s MORE “sound” Scripturally. : )


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