What About Human Suffering?

How can a Good God ALLOW human pain?


1) God ALLOWS FREE WILL. It’s our greatest blessing and greatest threat. We were created in HIS image, and free to Choose our Destiny. Father makes certain all the Evidence of His Presence and Goodness are available to 100% of humans ever born. If they choose against Him, it will never be for lack of Evidence - but rather for “I will not have this Man to be king over me.” It’s a rebellion issue, not mere ignorance or confusion or culture. GOD makes certain of this, as the Scriptures insist repeatedly. No worries on that matter. Some “deliberately forget” all “God has made plain to them.”

Satan, 1/3 of the Angels, and “most” (the opposite of “few will be those who find It”) will Choose SELF over their King. Those who Choose Him over the world system, flesh, pride, fear, and self - will be “transfigured” (though created initially “a little lower than the Angels”) into the rightful “equal yoke” and Bride of the King of Glory. And those Angels “long to look into these things!” The Spirit AND the Bride say, “Come! Lord Jesus.”

The problem of pain and suffering is the same as the Answer to how puny humans, “ugly bags of mostly water” can ultimately find a Destiny in the Supernatural Realm of reigning over the Galaxies and the next Adventures - alongside the Risen Lord, Jesus, the Christ. We Choose. Allowing Satan to be master (by refusing to bow to the One who walked on water and raised the dead, and washes away the sins of those who call on Him) - that is exactly where suffering and disease and hatred come from.

Whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be delivered. We need a Messiah, a Deliverer, BECAUSE of the ghastly existence that “prince of this world” Satan presents to us as the fruit of his rebellion against Authority, and lust for recognition and appreciation. That’s his fruit, his kingdom.

Whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be delivered.

2) There are answers we don’t have and never will. That’s the upside and the downside of NOT BEING GOD. If we could demand every answer from Him or fix every issue or explain every seeming injustice or control every outcome - we would BE God. And we’re not. Live with it.

God is Good and does Good. TRUST that HE knows that this “Bootcamp” is not a mistake or flaw, but “works together for the Good - for those who LOVE Him and are called according to HIS Purposes” rather than their own. We WILL See it all from His eyes - soon enough.


Can there be a deep loyalty to one we know well, but don’t understand perfectly?

Surely, we all know the answer is a loud “YES!”

If someone came to you with a character assassination of your spouse or child, point by point negative remarks about things they claim he or she said or did – you would not stand by and agree or disagree, point by point.

Because you know and love them to the core, you would stand up as a man or woman and exclaim, “ I don’t understand everything but I will not have you talking about one I love that way. I am not going to assess everything I know or don’t know — or your perception of their character. I know them, and I know better. Whatever things I don’t understand, we will work them out. My commitment does not waver based on your outsider assessment - with no experience of them. I am committed to working it out because I love them. Perfect understanding is not my goal, but loyalty and love until we can work all things out!”

Human suffering and human perception of injustices caused by Satan and free will, and God’s ability to work such things into “the Billion Year Plan” (like “the rich man and Lazarus”) create both heartache and opportunity for us, for sure. But, in the end for all who Know Him, we will work it out WITH Him.



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