What About Jehovah Witnesses?


DO ask any Jehovah Witness you come across if THEY will do what even a man referred to as “doubting Thomas” was willing to do: Fall on their faces and cry out to Jesus, “My Lord and MY GOD!!!” If they cannot do what even Thomas did, without trying to play word games to escape the full ramification of The Great I AM standing, resurrected, before Thomas……if they won’t be honest enough to do that, there can be no hope for them. They cannot have the Father if they make up their OWN version of the Son, according to the apostle John. What will they do? Will they cry out “My Lord and my GOD!!” to Jesus Christ, or die in their sins, when He wanted to save them?! JESUS IS GOD. The Word was with God, the Word WAS GOD, the Word became flesh, and dwelt for awhile in our midst. IMMANUEL. GOD with us. A child is born to us: MIGHTY GOD! PRINCE OF PEACE!

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