What About "the Rapture"?


…now on a different note, are you free to disclose your present understanding of ‘the rapture’?

Hey dude. Wonderful to hear of the Saints you’ve met!

As for the eschatological ponderings, if there IS going to be a “rapture” as those things are described, it will very likely be post-trib, rather than pre. It’s God’s Way that we would be together through these moments, for a number of reasons consistent with His Words and Jesus’ Life. Of course I could say much more.

However, there is at least an equal or better chance that the “caught up in the air” refers to the Final Meltdown that Peter describes, and the “rapture” takes us to Jesus’ side—“and so shall we be” forever. The lion and the lamb also lay together on Noah’s Ark, the type of the Church. This is not “pre,” or “post” or “ahhhhhhhhh”…….. : ), but truths from each. Wouldn’t it be peachy if Wesley and Finney and a hundred other guys we respect (but who clearly contradict each other on this) weren’t ALL crazy, but all were almost Right? There is quite a bunch I could say about this side of things, but…. alas, time is short this evening… ;)

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