What and How GOD Thinks is All that Matters


When tempted recently to have “feeeeelings” of being a “lesser” person, a crumb, a loser, I thought, ok, now wait a minute. God doesn’t think those things about me or towards me. I have given myself to Him! And He does NOT:

Scrutinize me

Judge me

Criticize me

Compare me to others

Classify me

Analyze me

Threaten me

Condemn me

Humiliate me

Alienate me

Critique me

Categorize me

Globalize about me (“you always...” “you never...”)

So I have no right to do any of the same. I’ll not tolerate that garbage. Those thoughts do not originate from God but from some other yucky place.

What God DOES do, however........


Love me

Justify me based on the blood of your Son

Forgive me

Test me so I have the opportunity in real life practical situations to see whether my faith is in You or in me

Convict me, but even that has Your VOICE and strength of Love behind it

Comfort me

Discipline me constructively and clearly so I can learn from my mistakes.

Instruct me in righteousness

Encourage me through your people and Your Voice and Word.

Hold out hope for me!

Strengthen me

Feed me

Listen to me

Protect me from all kinds of things I don’t even know about

Draw me, woo me, long for me to lay it all down and come in simplicity, peace, trust, hope.

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