You were born for this! Not man-made religion. Not self-serving emptiness. But REAL LIFE in Him—with His People.

Hope, Courage, Freedom…

…and Radical Obedience to the One who loves and lives Forever more. You and your friends and family can be set Free Indeed from addictions and lukewarm mediocrity to be an Overcomer, full of His Power and Grace and Truth.

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For starters, you'll find audio of six and a half hours of frequently asked questions, from all over the world, for the last twenty-five plus years, on the Video page of this site. Locate "Consuming Zeal for the Father's House - Frequently Asked Questions" and you will find many, many questions answered, including everything from "leadership" to "money" to "beginnings" and one hundred other topics. These were video taped and answered extemporaneously, nearly twenty years ago.

In addition to those rather thorough answers, you'll find additional important topics about Faith and Love and Marriage and Child-rearing and building principles, about the house church and home church movements and how they relate to cell church and mega-church and the Bible, about leadership and pastors and evangelism and missions as they relate to the Bible and Apostolic truths. Look in sections about Home Church Movement and in the "Foundations" and "Romans" sections, the "Children" and "Women" sections, and elsewhere on the site. Also, many questions you'll find to be answered to leaders and saints in various countries seeking Daily Life rather than just "meetings" - and "pictorially" answered in the "Video Clips" section.

A few questions we have received and have never thought to answer anywhere else, we can answer here...
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