What Is Leaven?

And Why Does a Little Leaven the Whole Batch?


“WHAT” is leaven? They are those who claim they want Jesus, but instead refuse “unconditional surrender” and want to continue in and justify sins, while hiding their lack of being Vertical with Jesus, or are delusional about having a relationship with God, and pompous liars. Their fruit proves otherwise. They are leaven because they won’t come clean and humbly seek help and Change, but instead claim they are fine.

“WHY” does “A little leaven... leaven the whole batch?” Is it a technical category, of God seeing the whole as being tainted and judged - if leaven is excused or ignored? Yes, for sure that. But, it is ALSO:

1) That the naive will have a false standard, hypocrisy, placed before them as acceptable, and satan will CERTAINLY use that dirty standard to tempt them to compromise and justify it. The leaven spreads and claims victims who WOULD have Made it.

2) The leaven “uses up the ground” - stealing Resources and peace of those who are trying to help them and protect those around them. The drain of leaven affects everyone due to stolen resources and damaged peace.

Again, those who do NOT want to be on the throne and have their own way, or DON’T justify love of the world or their sins - these are not “leaven” - but rather unnecessarily and temporarily weak but Changing +1 or Conversion is their passion.

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