What Is Life?


Interesting how Father designed physical life as a Shadow of Spirit-Life in individuals, and Together-Life in His Church! Oh, that we would look for LIFE—as our heart’s desire and Standard, as Father does: Proof of Supernatural Regeneration, 1Cor.12 and Eph.4 Daily Life and Love! Is it there? Or just words and attendance showtime, and gimmick and hierarchy, and knowledge and culture?

May He have HIS full Thought and Intention—in both EVERY individual “from the least to the greatest” calling themselves a Christian (“Rivers of Alive Water gushing from the inner man of ALL who truly Believe!”), and everything truly called Church—only that which “the Gates of Hell cannot prevail.”

For the sake of the Lamb who was slain and living in Resurrection Power!

Fun stuff. : ) Notice the Shadow, the Standard for what is alive and what is not, below. See if you can extract the parallels Father implanted in the physical world “for our learning” from this excerpt from a Biology textbook. See if you can find the parallels for both individual Spirit-Life and Church Together-Life (1Cor.12; Acts 2:42-47).

——-Original Message——-

If biology is the study of life, we need to determine what life is. Thus, scientists have developed several criteria for life. If something meets all of these criteria, then we can scientifically say that it is alive. If it fails to meet even one of the criteria, it is not alive. These criteria are:

1. All life forms contain DNA.

2. All life forms have a method by which they extract energy from the surroundings and convert it into energy that sustains them.

3. All life forms can sense changes in their surroundings and respond to those changes.

4. All life forms reproduce.

Let’s elaborate:

DNA provides the information necessary to take a bunch of lifeless chemicals and turn them into a living system. In order to make life, we must take the chemicals that make it up, and we must organize them in a way that will promote the other life functions mentioned in our list of criteria for life. Just the chemicals themselves cannot extract and convert energy (criterion #2), sense and respond to change (criterion #3), and reproduce (criterion #4). In order to perform these functions, the chemicals must be organized so that they work together in just the right way. Suppose you bought a bicycle in a box that said “some assembly required.” When you got it home, you unpacked the box and piled all of the parts on the floor. At that point, did you have a bicycle? No, of course not. In order to make the bicycle, you had to assemble the pieces in just the right way, according to the instructions. In the same way, DNA is the set of instructions that takes the chemicals which make up life and arranges them in just the right way so as to produce a living system. Without this instruction set, the chemicals that make up a life form would be nothing more than a pile of goo.

In order to live, organisms need energy. Almost all of the energy on this planet comes from the sun, which bathes the earth with its light. Light is pure energy. The light that comes from the sun is the main energy source for all living organisms on our planet.

In order to meet the third criterion for life, an organism’s ability to sense changes in its environment is just as important as its ability to respond. A boulder perched on the edge of a cliff can be toppled over by a change in the wind patterns surrounding it, but it cannot sense the change. Weather changes, seasons change, landscape changes, and the community of organisms in a given region changes, and as a result, living organisms must be able to sense these changes and adapt, or they would not be able to survive. Living organisms receive information about their surroundings from receptors.

Reproduction always involves the concept of inheritance, by which characteristics are transmitted from the parents to the offspring.

-Taken from “Exploring Creation With Biology” by Dr. Jay L. Wile and Marilyn F. Durnell /LS

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