What Motivates You, if Anything?


I was talking for a couple of hours yesterday with a man who was a “pitcher” in professional (american) Baseball for ten years. He played for the Orioles and Yankees, in the “Big Leagues.”

In his ten years with the elite athletes of the game, including several shoe-in Hall of Fame players he calls friends, he made some observations, related to a conversation about Jesus.

He mentioned that ALL of the All-Star players he knows were passionately driven to the point of being grotesquely obnoxious when you get to know them, when in “competition.” After the game it might be different, but when it’s about the game, they are very fixated on one thing only. He said, “They want to WIN, no matter WHAT it takes.”

To succeed at that level, he asserted, it seems absolutely essential that a person be bone-jarringly, bull-headedly, almost angrily DETERMINED to “win at any cost.”

And, of course, it “fit in” to the conversation that to be part of Jesus’ Life and Purposes requires the SAME PASSION FOR TRUTH that some have for little round balls and childish games. “I will NOT recant unless you can show me in the SCRIPTURES! It would be neither RIGHT nor SAFE for me to do so!” said one man, with his life on the line.

In Luther’s day, the accusers appealed, not to the Bible which clearly could not sustain their position, but to “You must be very prideful to stand against your forefathers and their traditions.”

But, I wonder if it really holds any sway with us when we are asked that same question. Is it REALLY “arrogant” if one were to “stand against generations of Laodicean lukewarm forefathers (a little hot, a little cold, a little truth, a little untruth, a few good deeds, a little rebellion, a little love of Jesus, a little love of the world—all mixed together)”?

Read Hebrews 10-11 and just take a look at PASSION and single-mindedness, regardless of cost, for GOD and for TRUTH. It’s a good thing.

Perhaps it’s not “arrogant” but BIBLICAL and CHRISTLIKE to lovingly but stubbornly stand up for Truth, regardless of personal cost, fixated on pleasing GOD—no matter what men say? : )

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Like children tossed to and fro, by every wind.

“But we know of better things, in your case.” : )

Those in any endeavor who will be useful or productive WILL have this mindset of clarity and passion. THIS ONE THING I DO! No matter what. I will not recant if they cannot show me in the Scriptures. It would be neither Right, nor Safe.

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