What Saves You?


A text-message conversation amongst several Saints...

speech bubble representing person 1 talkingWhat do a space suit, a scuba suit, and a hazmat suit have in common?

speech bubble representing person 2 talkingThey all allow a human into a completely incompatible environment without being tainted by it.

speech bubble representing person 1 talkingWas it the actual suit that “Saved” the person - or is it the decision and “passion” or “faith” to separate oneself (by being “clothed” with the suit), deciding it is essential to not breathe or be exposed to the unnatural surrounding elements - from the “unbreathable for your species” atmosphere that would have killed you? Is it “faith” or is it the suit? Which did the saving - The recognition of the species issue and faith to do something about it, or the suit?

speech bubble representing person 2 talkingThe faith!

speech bubble representing person 1 talkingBut then, is the suit of no value?

speech bubble representing person 3 talkingBoth :) You have to decide to use the suit and not breathe in the toxic surroundings. Faith in combination with the suit - saves you.

speech bubble representing person 1 talkingThus the dilemma of God regarding baptism resolved, not to be ignored or pushed aside:


The difference of course is that a person who does not feel the urgency of separating from the POISON is not truly putting on Christ. It is a make-believe suit to be baptized without Faith and that passion.

speech bubble representing person 4 talking(and i’d give credit and thanks to the suitMaker because i could not make the lifesaving suit myself.)

speech bubble representing person 1 talkingAs Art Katz used to say, the demons hate baptism. So be prepared in the time to come that this baptism that Jesus spoke of in His last words before leaving there will be a tipping point for many. Do not be afraid of it.


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