What's your AGENDA, anyway?


An “agenda”...

You SHOULD have one, and are probably lying to yourself if you don’t think you do. If you have a pulse, you have an “agenda.”

Agenda is not a bad word.

But the choice of agenda can be bad, or good.

Others could tell you, probably, what they’ve witnessed to be your agenda. No doubt they could say, also, what your “agenda” couldn’t be, no matter what you say it is, or even think it is.

Your “agenda” has got to be your DREAM. Everything revolves around an agenda, so you had better dream about it. What’s YOUR dream?

And, of course, that dream means nothing - if it’s not Jesus’ dream.


Yes. Scheme, plot, plan, lay everything down and RISK for executing Jesus’ Dream. Plan and take Action towards HIS dream. Let THAT be your agenda. Push out the others and choose that. Intentionally drop the FOOL’S gold of anything else. And stop yammering about something you won’t risk for. Let everything you do, heart soul mind strength, have an “ulterior motive” -- His “agenda.”

No matter what the scoffers, the lazy, the ambitious, the religious, the blackmailers, the devious, the flatterers, or the world-lovers say (or how they will try to find “ingenious” ways to twist even this)... get your chin up, head high, go on -- and don’t stop.

Make Jesus’ agenda YOUR “agenda” for your every “ulterior motive” for your every action.

You’re not going to do that? Then you’ll be lost in the woods -- and waste your life for all of the wrong reasons.

Keep telling yourself the things you need to do first, or the things or people whose fault it is, or that someone else will do your Part for you... while you sleep or complain or make excuses. It won’t change the fact that YOU will end up lost in the woods, and have to suck your thumb with work or wealth or sport or vice or vanity or entertainment or poor camaraderie to dull your senses and try to keep your sanity.

Let your “agenda” and “ulterior motive” behind all you do, even if not endorsed by stalkers, mockers, walkers, balkers, flockers, clockers, gawkers, hawkers, or talkers, be all about fulfilling Jesus’ dream for the Bride. That was and is... His ONLY agenda.

It’s practical. He wants His Bride and Life magnificently offered to the Jews and Gentiles, and their kings, in every nation “and then the End shall come.”

Your own self-preservation or advancement are pitiable defaults, or choices.

You’re Worth more than that.

Life is Free, but will cost you everything. You are near the end of your ability to “Choose Life.” We all are.

Come! say the Spirit, and the Bride.

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