What's Your "Currency"?


Regarding “failure” in earthly endeavors, that in Reality don’t mean a thing, except to the worldly, the prideful, the greedy, or the fearful.

GOD does what he does for Reasons that are Right and Eternal, for those who love Him and are called according to HIS purposes. The shallow or juvenile or unConverted can’t See it, because their “currency” is the vapor of the world.

We can Be better than that. We had better be.

Yes, God corners us with what the world or our desires would call “failure” — to develop the best for us on the inside by sometimes confusing the path on the outside. That is His commitment to us, not something to fear or be discouraged by.

It is an encouraging thing that He makes us go deep by not letting us go wide.

If he abandoned us we could go as wide as we want.

A day later...

How’s your dreaming going this morning as you pray? Is there any? Is it about the vapor world with its vapor currency? Or is it about gathering the storm of God into the hands of the two witnesses to bring down God’s enemies, self-proclaimed Titans, Giants, world systems, and to set captives free?

More than you can ask for or imagine dreams, plus courage, equals faith. What kind of God and what kind of world do we believe in?

Father, I have the simplest of questions this morning regarding decisions for the future: what do You want me to do? — and I will do it. The results as always are in Your hands, but what do You want me to do? I’ve chosen sides absolutely. No Plan B or backup plan. I know it’s the all or nothing that You build your kingdom out of—no regrets, no holding back, no judgment or measurement.

6:28 a.m.


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