"When we all see Jesus..."

"...What a day of rejoicing that will be"


So many of our songs and hymns reflect the idea that we will be overjoyed to see Jesus face-to-face.

Honestly, most people with a Christian belief system are so deeply engrossed in advancing and entertaining themselves in this present age that those songs don’t really mean very much.

If all my heart all my mind all my personality and all my strength belong to Jesus and advancing his rule and reign, I will be thrilled to see him because he is my everything. If I am crucified to the world and the world is crucified to me, and seeking him is the “one thing I do”—I will be thrilled to see him.

If instead I am busy busy planning thinking wanting doing regarding relationships and plans and jobs and houses and vacations and biological family in this present age, then those songs really aren’t true for ME -- because they are only a theory and not the longing of my every molecule every minute.

Of course jobs can be complex and draining, finances can create turmoil, and relationships can cause anguish or be thrilling. Of course electronics can be useful. But ask yourself this question: do I truly long for his appearing and my heart palpitate for him? Do both good things and bad things cause me to look into his eyes with gratitude and hope? Is it really true? Every day, never forgotten, he is my center of gravity?

Most of us have been to a theme park or carnival where there are roller coasters and merry-go-rounds and other rides. And we all know that our one admission ticket has a moment of termination. The time comes when the ride stops and we must get off. The ride is over for us.

Rides don’t last forever.

Do you realize that your ride on this round ball called Earth may be over soon? You don’t know if you’ll have to get off of this ride today or tonight or tomorrow. When the ride is over for you, it is over. You will get off. And that will be sooner than you think, as all who have gone before you would tell you, if they could.

Are you ready for the ride to be over? If you are ready it will not be because of your great exploits or amazing religion, knowledge, or sacrifices. Or because the other people on the ride with you were good people.

If you are truly ready for your ride to be over, it will be because your eyes are always on him, and your heart and character and decisions are being molded and submitted to him every moment.

And then, what a day of rejoicing that will be!

“THIS is Zoe Life that always was and always will be, to KNOW Him....”

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