Where Food Is Plentiful, Listen Carefully


About food and self-control? This may help you to see this subject for what it is...We have been genetically engineered by our Father to NEED very little food. Ninety-eight percent of human history and seventy percent of the experience of the planet’s current population PROVE this point. Thousands of years of human history in drought, poverty and poor technology, and many have had almost NO food, day to day. People have survived very well in almost every civilization and culture with ALMOST NO FOOD. We are MARVELOUSLY designed to function with very little food. Currently, in our situation food is very, very plentiful. And so, though DESIGNED for little food, we let our availability, our lust of the flesh, and our bad habits take over. We don’t usually NEED the food. We just want it. So, keep this in mind as you sort out the Holy Spirit’s WHISPERING to you about food intake at any given moment. Try to listen to Him, case by case. No childish or destructive legalism, but Wisdom : ) Love to you...God help us to see You in all things! 9:27 a.m.

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