Remember WHO Directs the Course of Mankind


It doesn’t take much reading in Isaiah, chapters 40-46 to come away with the distinct conclusion that God is in charge of the rise and fall of leaders, countries, and every other thing that Americans and other pagans get worried, excited, speculative, and gossipy about. A couple samples from Isaiah: “Everything I plan will come to pass, for I do whatever I wish” (Isa. 46:10); “Who has done such mighty deeds, directing the affairs of the human race as each new generation marches by? It is I, the Lord...” (Isa. 41:4). Saints, in light of this, please be very careful and self-controlled as you listen, read the pager news, catch the headlines, etc. Wars and impeachments tug on our emotions and carnal curiosity (I know; I’m feeling it), but just because some men are acting out the roles God foreordained for them does not mean we need to stop being simple, childlike worshippers of the Riser and Faller of presidents and countries. Please don’t let enamorment with “current events” or “history in the making” cause you to squander your time and your limited heart energy on something other than Jesus. And please, please love your children enough to not expose them to the droning of the news media about how godless men are treating each other. Their hearts (like ours) are vulnerable and very prone to get excited or anxious about such things. Let’s love Jesus and each other. There’s too little time to spend it any other way.

—Bryan 4:02 p.m.
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