Why Is Being "Fearful" Sin?


some notes from a recent conversation that i thought y’all might find helpful...—s

A Few Reasons WHY Being “Fearful” Is Sin

“For GOD did not give us the spirit of fear—but of power and love, and of sound mind.” (2Tim.1:7; Rev.21:7-8)

What could be “wrong” with being fearful? 

Isn’t it just a natural reaction, and out of our control, or based on facts that justify fear?

Fear is insulting to the Father. You insult His lovely character and all He did in His Son, Jesus, by not BELIEVING Him and all He can do. You think that what He asks of you is “hard” and that He is a “hard task master”? If this is the case, He will take away even what He did give you and give it to someone else. After all that He has done for you...how dare you insult His character when He is so Good! “Without Faith... it is impossible to please God.”

Fear is prideful. When you’re too afraid to expose the sin in your heart because you are “afraid” of what people will “think of you” —that’s pride...pure and simple.

Fear is selfish. If you won’t talk to anybody about things that may hinder their spiritual lives, it is generally, in reality, because you DON’T care very much. It may find other “excuses” such as “someone else will do it” or “I’m not qualified” (although I “ought to be a teacher by now I still have need of milk”). But, if we love our own feelings and our own “right” to not have to feel “uncomfortable” by talking to someone about their life, then we love ourselves more than we love them enough to risk for them, and for Jesus. 

Fearfulness is cowardice. If we are embarrassed of Him and His truths, he promised to be ashamed of us, too. That wouldn’t be good. If you won’t stand up for Jesus and for His Truth because you are soooo afraid that “someone might not like me” or “i might say the wrong thing” then we aren’t very different than “Judas” no matter how well we sing and recite Bible verses and do good deeds. Cowards betray Jesus out of “fear” and “i just didn’t know what to do.” In Revelation 21:8, referenced at the top as it relates to “the fearful” or “the cowardly,” it is clear that fearfulness and unbelief are, in God’s eyes, deserving of the same punishment as the vile, the murderers, sexually immoral, magicians, idolaters, and liars. God doesn’t view it as “an innocent weakness” to allow fearfulness into our lives.

Fear is murder. Why? Because others will die around you while you refuse to lift a finger to try to save them. Even the heathen’s legal system has imprisoned men and women for murdering others—through their neglect. 

Fear is ungrateful. If we don’t recognize all the kindness that God has shown us, we have little motivation to risk for others, and “come out of our shell” for His cause. He who has been forgiven much surely loves much, in word and in deed. A person who is TRULY Grateful will always look for a way to GIVE back.

If we tolerate the isolation and paralysis of fear in our lives (“We are NEVER tempted beyond what we can bear. We are ALWAYS given a way out.”) it can only mean that we do not know God. God IS Love. See 1 John 4... “Perfect loves drives out fear.” And, this does not mean “if only someone would just love me perfectly, then i would not be afraid anymore.... It’s not my fault.” “Perfect love driving out fear” and there being “no fear in love” is mentioned in the context of John telling us to LOVE OTHERS. Knowing God (Love), and us Loving others, will make us brave and courageous.

Being “fearful” may be the most deceptive of sins...because somehow we think that gives us an excuse to be the way we are, and to disobey God, and to neglect to love and serve and try to save others. If we think that we are just “frail” or that we are “trying” to obey God but are just “weak”—then we easily turn away from God and His Will for us, searing our conscience and harming others as we go by our neglect and lack of love. If we ABANDON our hearts to Jesus and forsake and renounce this part of our self-life, we are stepping into His Realm of Love and Faith. In truth, in your “fears” and refusal to be vulnerable and take risks...you forsake Jesus and others...... If you live in fear you will find yourself to be truly selfish and alone, stubbornly refusing to OBEY God, not BELIEVING or TRUSTING Him. Continually living a life disobedient to God because of “fear” is sin. It is not simply that we are “weak” and therefore it’s “not our fault.” In summary, to live in fear, and allow fear to manipulate our decisions and relationships, our moods and our risking for Jesus towards others means that we are an ungrateful, prideful, selfish, murderous coward who needs to stop insulting a Kind and Generous Father who gave EVERYTHING so that you wouldn’t have to live that way. Fear, Biblically, is as much a “character quality” to turn from and overcome by the Blood and Spirit and Word and Love of God, as much as we would need to do so from drugs or other addictions, or murder, or hatred, or any other sin. And by His Grace, and our Testimony, we shall be Overcomers, “to the praise of HIS glory”—okay?

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