Wisdom: An Entirely Different Realm


…Another question I have has to do with how to handle those “discussions” that seem to come up between dad and I every so often. First off he seems to bring them up when mom isn’t around. And second, when he asks questions it’s not like he really wants to know God’s heart about it or even a logical answer. It feels like he doesn’t even want to have an answer. It feels like he wants to confuse you and get you to believe that there are no absolutes. The “We agree to disagree” kind of thing. It’s pointless! Nothing good normally comes out of it. How do I proclaim Jesus and stand strong when those situations present themselves and I don’t know what to say? Most times I feel like a puppy cowering in the corner. I hate being that way because I know that doesn’t bring Jesus honor, but I don’t know how to react. I know there isn’t a “this is how you do it” kinda formula, but do you have any direction that I can pursue? I want to be a light to him, not a cowering puppy. Am I making sense? I’m sorry if I’m not and let me know ‘cause I want to hear any direction you or others might have.

Hey there: ) This is just the short answer, but here goes: Just plain ole don’t let him put you in those situations! Just tell him that in John 7 and John 8 and many other places, JESUS SAID he (your dad) CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND—UNTIL HE TOTALLY OBEYS AND GIVES AWAY THE RIGHTS OF HIS LIFE TO JESUS. Any other discussion is meaningless, because the answers are NOT in the 3rd dimension. Just like Newton SEEMED to make “perfect sense”—and Einstein proved that there was a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL, a WHOLE OTHER REALM, where Newton’s Laws were dwarfed and had no power…so also the POWER and WISDOM of the Kingdom of GOD totally DWARFS the “wisdom” of men. 1Cor.2:6-16; James 3:13-16. “So, dad, I can’t answer all of your questions and attacks, particularly since it seems you don’t CARE—you’re just playing some mind game. But, the truth is—until you REPENT and give your life to JESUS, you will never understand anything outside of 3 dimensions anyway! So, you work on repenting of self-life and pride so you won’t be blind, according to Jesus…and I’ll work on loving the Messiah all the more…and you can quit asking Newtonian questions like that, when the question itself proves you’re in the wrong dimension. It’s a real drag, dad. : ) I love you, but I’m sad for you living in such poverty, when Riches are so near!”


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