We, Who Worship in the Spirit of God, GLORY in Christ Jesus! and Put No Confidence in the Flesh


“Does not all nature sing? If you were to be silent, you would be an exception to the universal adoration!

Does not the thunder praise Him as it rolls like drums in the march of the God of armies?

Does not the ocean praise Him as it claps its thousand hands?

Does not the sea roar with the fullness thereof?

Do not the mountains praise Him when the shaggy woods upon their summits wave in adoration?

Do not the lightnings write His name in letters of fire upon the midnight darkness?

Does not this world, in its unceasing revolutions, perpetually roll forth His praise?

“Has not the whole earth a voice, and yet will we be silent?

“Will man—for whom the world was made, and suns and stars were created—will he be dumb?

“No! Let him lead the chorus!”

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