Worshipping the Ways of God



If we truly intend to be worshippers of God, then a day must come in our history when we realize that merely to know Him as our Father and ourselves as His Children is totally inadequate. We need to know God as God and ourselves as His bond-servants. Not until this revelation breaks upon us can we worship Him in truth. Not until we meet God as God can we really bow before Him. Not till then do we realize we are His subjects. It is this realization that begets worship. Such a seeing of God not only causes us to fall down before Him—it leads us to recognize and accept His Ways. The scriptures show us that only by revelation can we know God. They also show us that only as we are subject to Him do we begin to know His Ways.

What are God’s Ways? His Ways are His methods of doing what He has decided to do. In relation to us, they are the dealings whereby He realizes (brings to pass) His Purpose concerning us. His Ways are higher than our ways, and they leave no room for our choice. He deals with one person in this manner and with another in that manner, always doing what He deems best. His Ways are the manner in which He Himself, for His own good pleasure, accomplishes what He has willed to do.

God’s Ways are the expression of His Choice. They are the manifestation of His Desire. What He has determined to do, He does in the way that will secure His end. Hence His provisional dealings with men vary according to the purpose He has in view for each life.

As we have already pointed out, when man through revelation really comes to see that God is God, and that man is man, he can do no other than bow down and worship. But to only go thus far is to fall short of the mark. This is too abstract a position. It is necessary to go a step further. Having been brought to a point where we worship God, we want not only to adore Him, but also to adore His Ways. We bow before Him in adoration for what He is in Himself, and we also accept with adoration all the ways He chooses to lead us, and all the things He chooses to bring into our lives. When we have really seen who God is, we fall before Him and acknowledge that all His Ways with us are right ways; we worship Him because He has done all things well.

We must learn to walk step by step; and if we walk before God we shall learn to adore His Ways. Spiritually our entire future hinges on the matter of our worshipful acceptance of all His dealings with us. We must come to a point where we worship Him for all it pleases Him to give and for everything it pleases Him to take away.

***Worship is not the fruit of mental exercise; it is begotten by beholding the Ways of God. ***

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