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Regarding Y2K and the prophesied destruction of the modern world?

For saints, it would be best, in all likelihood, to avoid spazzing out as the pagans might. Everyone loves a drama. Human flesh is magnetized, as the movie producers know, towards the power and suspense of Jaws, and Earthquakes, and Meteors, and the mother of all Volcanoes, and the Twisters. Political careers are salvaged by the excitement of nationalism and war. It is just the way we humans tend to be, in the natural. No one can deny it. For us? It would be really healthy to hold on to the attitude James and the Holy Spirit asked of us: by not making big plans for a year from now (for business plans or anything else!). What will you do with your latest bomb shelter and the pallet of obnoxious dry goods when it turns out your credit card works on January 2nd after all? We really need to trust Jesus enough to believe Him when He spoke of not worrying about tomorrow! He cares for the delicate flowers and the simple sparrows, and worrying will not add a single day, or anything of value to our lives. Even when it’s time to flip the calendar over, this Promise from our Messiah still means the world to every true-hearted disciple of Jesus! : ) There are no “conditions” mentioned in this Promise for His love and provision and protection. Not even “except Y2K.”

Actually, even thinking that we can know when major crisis will hit is a little presumptuous. Paul said, like the birth pains of a woman, the REAL stuff to worry about comes suddenly and unexpectedly. When everyone is saying “Peace and Safety” is the time to be concerned, not when the whole planet is mourning and planning for a problem. The EXACT date, known by every unBeliever and Believer in cyber-civilization? That doesn’t sound like something Jesus or Paul would have us considering much. Remember “88 Reasons Jesus is Coming Back in ‘88” and other similar things in the past ten years? How embarrassing for all of the prophets that embraced and televised these things on TBN. Probably Y2K is seriously overdone. Too many people know about it and are talking incessantly for it to have much credibility. Oh, sure, there may be some inconveniences that will test our characters. However, I’d be more concerned, personally, with maybe Y2002, when everyone is wiping their brow, patting themselves on the back for their ingenuity in escaping El Nino and the mighty Y2K, and partying “as in the days of Noah.” Just a thought. A different way of looking at it, maybe. And likely to be unpopular with some journalists needing headlines, teachers needing a following, and Ephesian sellers of silver figurines, books and Heath-Kit bomb shelters....

And if some of the challenges and inconveniences do come our way, let’s all handle them with poise, and the grace and generosity of the Master Teacher. Deal?

Under His Sheltering Wing,

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