You Are Greatness


Poem that was read tonight which was given to us by an anonymous sweet Sister…

You are Greatness and I am emptiness

You are Alive and I am lifeless

You are Truth and I am lies

You are Hope and I am hopeless

I fall and Your arms open wide

I’m blind and You focus my eyes

I need, and You give me Yourself

I ask and You answer my cry

You breathe and my life begins

You speak and my world makes sense

You laugh and my heart overflows

You touch and my eyes see again

I need you like a wave needs the ocean

I need you like a star needs light

I need you like a child needs a Father

I need you like eyes need sight

Your Strength is perfected in weakness

Your Sight is perfected in eyes that can’t see

Your Life is perfected in death

You are perfected in me
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