You Must Have An Aggressive Heart!


What I am reminding myself of this morning.... Wanted to share. Xo


To be a Christian, you must have an aggressive heart. Christianity is not like getting in a river and then drifting to your intended destination. It is more like getting in a river, constantly being pushed and thwarted from your goal, and being very determined, focused, and aggressive to keep your boat moving towards the target.

This aggressive heart means you will not just hear truth and good teaching, admonishment and rebuke year after year and never really get around to changing anything. An aggressive heart means that you change, you apply, you are careful to hear and put into practice. You don’t let things slip through your fingers. You grasp truth, hold on to it, persevere, change, produce fruit.

To have an aggressive heart means that you don’t allow yourself to feel stuff, think stuff, say stuff, believe stuff that is even slightly contrary to Jesus’ Word and character. Instead, you speak truth OUT LOUD to yourself and others. You don’t look at the “facts” of your financial situation, your job, your health, your emotional difficulty and accept a defeated or whiney disposition that you walk around with. You don’t allow yourself to sow seeds of faithlessness by little comments you make. You go back and you uproot these seeds: “My disposition was faithless. What I said was out of line with what’s true. God is my provider and what he is allowing right now is what I need.” Your aggressive heart pushes through the facts and into the truth: what does God say? What has God demonstrated? I will not let myself feel or say anything to the contrary, no matter what the “facts” look like.

To have an aggressive heart, you must make it your habit to *renounce* and *declare*. These are strong actions, but they must describe your daily walk. Renounce all sin. Don’t just admit you messed up, say you’re going to try to work on it, do better next time. To renounce it means the whiney attitude, the jealous thought, the prideful, playful comment....Renounce it and call it wicked. See it the way God sees it and call it what it is. A person with an aggressive heart will RENOUNCE sin, with clear thoughts and words. They won’t just admit their fault.

An aggressive heart will also DECLARE, unprompted by anyone else, what is true and where they are going, how they will change. An aggressive heart that knows its purpose, will understand the value, the absolute necessity, of being very clear in their words to make declarations of what they are choosing to believe and what actions they will take moving forward to change.

To have an aggressive heart, you must be disciplined and purposeful about filling up your heart with God’s word. It won’t just “happen” on its own. At the end of a day, you won’t have spent any time pouring into your heart the words and language and heart of heaven if you never made the conscious, deliberate choice to do so “right now,” not It takes an aggressive heart. It takes a clear vision and knowing your purpose for living. A weak heart won’t make it. A sloppy heart won’t make it. A heart filled up with other, earthly things, won’t make it. A casual attitude? A drifter? Better just quit now because you’ll never make it.

You must have an aggressive heart that acts deliberately, makes choices deliberately, is purposeful, focused, clear in your thoughts and words.
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