Your Love—Like a Lily


To the tune of Lily of the Covenant... Your LOVE, Lord Jesus, is like a majestic Lily towering in white splendor, opening and reaching towards Heaven...yet planted and rooted here in this ground where those as poor and fallible as I must tread. You trumpet LOVE, oh beautiful Lily, broadcasting your affections even toward us. As the winds bluster and swirl all around to twist and confuse, there you remain, quiet and true. Day after day, you blazon your LOVE to the grassy meadows, the fawns, the brooks...and by night, to the stars in the sky. To all who will listen. To all who will follow your fragrant scent. Your LOVE’S brilliance, pure, tested—humbles and shames us, inspires and inflames us to live in that LOVE—blinded to only the dazzling white of your Covenant bond to us. In forsaking your love, for long or short, we have crushed your beauty. Emotion, mind and body peddled to the lowest bidder. We’ve ground under heel Love’s selfishness, by pride...shredding the grandeur and simplicity of Teacher’s Life within. Even yet, your LOVE, Lord Jesus is like a majestic Lily towering in white splendor... Resilient and tenacious. From the dead, Love’s Lily RISES AGAIN! Incurable wounds? Irreclaimable loss? No! His Love rises anew to trumpet His glory in our hearts, again and again. Inebriating, enrapturing...that sweet bouquet. The Lily of the Valley, lives and gives, Life again.
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