Your Prayer Along With Many of Every Tribe and Tongue?


My heart pleads: “Jesus, please make me one of an entire race to whom You know you can entrust ANYthing, and be assured, we will all Guard and Keep it FOR YOU, using it *only* for the good and sustenance of each other—no self-indulgent exploitation of your generosity and riches—Guarding and Keeping, and You, Resting, knowing Your Race is trustworthy with all You Prize. PLEASE make it so, and please make me *one* of that Race! You deserve it—You are SO Good to us, so kind and patient and Perfect in Your dealings with us, knowing us intimately and beyond our knowledge of ourselves and what is Best for us—You do whatever it takes to Save us from ourselves and our flesh, never harming, always Guiding, Protecting, and Holding onto us, if only we relinquish control, daily, and cease kicking at the goads. We Love You—We need You, Forever—We want to Give You everything and be utterly trustworthy with EVERYthing, at Your beck and call, Yours, Our Glorious King and Dearest and Nearest Intimate, Daily, Friend—PLEASE, make us such a United RACE in You! Please, Yesu!” —L 11:32 a.m.
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