A carnal man or woman


Monday Morning, December 22, 2003

Definition: “A carnal man or woman rules their own life. Their tongue says what it wants, governed only by perceived consequences or perception, not by the now-Life of the Spirit of God. A carnal man or woman looks not to the Heavens for direction regarding purchases or plans or decisions. The carnal man or woman is disConnected from the Head in all reality, except as conscience salve during religious moments of their choosing. A carnal man or woman has no comprehension of what is God’s and no fear or disgust of what is not. All choices, and all relationships and dialogue are simply ‘practical matters’ and the carnal man feels no repulsion at what is not God’s. A carnal man or woman will live in a vacuum of Life, filling the voids with self-love, indulgence of the senses at will (when consequences might be avoided), the pride of life, and a distinct lack of true Love of others. A carnal, flesh-animal man or woman will not even care to read such as this, nor long focus on anything of Spirit, nor allow any conviction in the depth of their being, because this is likely not one of their chosen religious moments. ‘Truth’ is little more to them than a very slight burden located behind their forehead, and that for ever so briefly. Their flesh cravings driven by pride or desire or fun or fear, however, have their total attention as they bow before each new temptation to be a god—realizing little or nothing of their empty and desperate plight due to the hardening of their hearts and the futility of their thinking. Wherever such an unSpiritual man may live, whatever ‘reputation’ they may have acquired (though without Truth in the inner man), oh, that their passion might be turned to the sincere cry, ‘OH, CONQUERING KING, CONQUER MY HEART!’ May the Lamb have a People that are TRULY His, with ‘all their hearts, all their souls, all their minds, and all their strength.’ Please Conquer us, oh Lord! For YOUR Name’s sake!”
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