01 The Hammer

Breaking Down Misconceptions

Are you content with the state of the church? The gates of hell will prevail with faulty building principles and attendance-based, disconnected living. But, it DOESN'T have to be that way!


  1. T. Austin Sparks Refused to be Content With Compromised Religion
  2. Why the World Cannot Receive
  3. Charisma Article
  4. God's Awakening Call
  5. Avoiding the New "Pearl Harbor Disaster!"
  6. The Fifth Dimension
  7. Is YOUR Life Your Own?
  8. Definition
  9. Not Enough TIME?! :)
  10. Five Casualties... Out of Millions
  11. Legacy System
  12. The Peanut Butter Principle
  13. Liturgy, Ritual, "Services"...??
  14. Immersion in His Daily Life
  15. Let No One Steal Your Crown
  16. Man's Religion
  17. His Mark
  18. Ancient Siamese Proverb
  19. Truth
  20. Still... the ONLY Way to Know
  21. The Bride Made Ready
  22. Let's Start Today On Holy Ground? Together?
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