Let's Start Today On Holy Ground? Together?


Thursday Morning, October 28, 1999

Quietly let words like this form in your heart? These are mine, but we need to live here, in this Most Holy Place, together. Please?

Today is a new day. I start it with head bowed and a tear in my eye for my foolishness and selfishness of my yesterday and days past.

Yet, I begin. I DO begin. Now is the Time.

I begin with a firmness in my jaw and shoulders back, with the knowledge of God’s resolute love for me, and determination that I can and will be like His beautiful Son. I start fresh, now.

I don’t hide from the past, but rather turn and face it full on, and speak to it. Just once, at the Beginning of my future, my new today.

I announce to my past that I am responsible, but by the Blood and Spirit, I will not be enslaved. I AM a new creation, at this moment—as I bow my knee before Jesus of Nazareth and call out to Him for forgiveness, for His hope for me, for His future for me.

And because it’s Him, and it’s HIS will, I will not, cannot, be refused this total forgiveness...and this future of grace and freedom and meaning. It cannot be taken from me. No one can shut this Door that He has opened. It’s HIS banquet, and I must be there. I must.

I do start with head bowed and an unmistakable tear in my eye. But I will be changed. I know I will. That’s why He is called Messiah. And, OH, what a Messiah! Ride, our Beloved, Ride! Come for us, at this new dawning!

I will not be denied. I must forgive—myself and others. Memories and feelings, walls and imaginations, fears or weaknesses...will not haunt me or control me. I turn my face in repentance from all that is not Him, and turn towards His graceful charm and strong leadership.

I must go forward. I must carry on. I am sorry for who I’ve been and what I’ve done. But I must accept a new day and its Message of Genesis, of Beginning...and step into it.

I’ll make right what I can with humility and courage. And I’ll allow Him to cleanse things communications and feelings cannot alone resolve.

And, because “Christ-likeness” and “God-liness” are to be like the Son and His Father...I’ll allow others to make this New Beginning this morning, too. We’ll resolve together what we can—and, if they have that same tear in their eye that longs for forgiveness and change within, I’ll help them start New today, with “no record of wrongs.”

Emotions and memories and hurts and weakness, sin with heart-felt regret...“Where is your victory? Where is your sting?” He gives us the Victory through Jesus Christ, Lord! Therefore, my treasured Family, be STEADFAST, IMMOVABLE, always celebrating His Life by overflowing in His decisions and actions!

Welcome me into this new day. And invite one another into this new day, this place of the heart, this Holy Ground. Make it easy for me, and all my brothers and sisters, to find It. And make it easy for yourself to start again.

You’ve known the Path. Now take it. Bow your head, look at His hands, His feet, His side...renounce all that was not like Him, is not like Him...and accept your Destiny: TODAY, you are being transformed into His likeness with ever-increasing Glory, by the Lord who is the Spirit. TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION.

I need this. And I suspect you do, too. Let’s find Him at this Place, together?

Let every sunrise remind you...Will you?

In 4 a.m. tears, looking forward and upward. To Whom else shall we go? But what more could we ever need or want? SUFFICIENT, He is for all our yesterdays and all of our tomorrows...!



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