Really - A Dream Just Moments Ago


I just woke up two minutes ago from a dream. In the dream a bunch of people that I was very close to in the church were together and we were about to have many visitors from other places that wanted to come be with us. And perhaps they were coming to “look at us” and see “how we do things.” I had to get everyone’s full attention and clarify a point to them. I said to them with some vigor and purpose, “We are not who we are and do what we do because we Build right: Structure itself though biblical is not the point. We do what we do and are who we are because we Build right: Impressing on one another daily that the blood of Jesus is all we are and who we are. And THAT allows us to do what we do to the praise of His glory. We will only ever do what we do by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony and we love not our life even to the point of death. We Build right not to do more - have more - be more – we build Right that we can fully comprehend and impress upon one another the blood of Jesus as our value and our courage. Then! Then by building right that way daily – we do more! and we are more! because of THAT kind of building.” In the dream everyone was yelling by then :-) “Yes! Yes! That’s it!”

8:20 am
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