Ancient Siamese Proverb


Wednesday Morning, July 30, 2003

ONE Problem with the Unbiblical, Disobedient Issues of: Clergy/Laity System, Ritual, Form, Programs, and Attendance-based Religion

An Ancient Siam proverb describes what the Clergy/Laity system, ritual, form, programs, and attendance-based religion do to people who CARE about totally living for Jesus. OF COURSE “many” (Mat. 7) are just interested in getting an emotional high once or twice a week and going back to “their own lives.” Jesus said to these “many” who are deeply “religious” and even charismatic, “I never knew you.” And, He said that it will often be “the Stone the BUILDERS (the “leaders”—those with something to protect for themselves) rejected” who has become the chief Cornerstone. So true, we hear daily from around the world.

“For all except the lead elephant, the scenery never changes.”

Some are satisfied with the adrenaline and the “ego drug high” of being a staged leader and “official” leader, teacher, speaker, boss—or drunk on “my ministry” kind of guy or girl. These have conquered the people (“Nicolaitanism”) for their rapt attention, or at least stroked their own egos enough to not see Reality any longer. They have acquired prestige, and have gained a false authority and respect from “position” or education or personality or talent—but not from God. These, then, having gained “feedback” that dulls the pain and strokes them to make them “purr”...are ever more tempted to feed on this false position and respect from “clergyism” or “my ministry.” They then fall into the pits of theatrics, voice inflection, pseudo-spiritual posture and speak, decision-making power, marketing of themselves or their “things,” flashy presentation to impress, extracting wealth from God’s People by “selling” what they claim to be from God, and a thousand other pits. They have all they want and don’t really have a way to know that others’ dissatisfaction is not “divisive”—but INSPIRED by a God who does not support man-made systems that rob His Priesthood and Body of His Glory.

(Of course, the self-serving, ambitious, wander-lusters, or contentious “please me!” sorts of folks will often hide behind this, but not convincingly, as their selfishness and pride reveal that their desires are not for God, but for themselves.)

Some, because of their own love of the world, want nothing more than to “attend” something, or “run” something—and would NOT have “left their nets” lying on the ground to be a follower of Jesus. They would wait for Him to have some “services” they could “attend”—and that day would never come. He did not have anything to “attend” and still does not. These who love the world want it all—in a tidy conscience-salving box, while they stay in control and can pursue wealth and power and relaxation and entertainment and vacations and relocations and whatever they wish, on their own terms. They will be quite content with little of the daily Reality of 1 Corinthians 12, though God is not.

Some simply lust to “belong” and for a social connection that strokes them sufficiently, but clearly this “religiousness” is for THEM, not for God. Some are too busy for the REAL Bride of Christ and Kingdom of God because of their unBiblical side fixations on biological “family.” Often this is nothing more than power lusts to be mini-kings, mini-clergy in our tiny four-walled “kingdoms.”

In some ways, ironically, we become “worse than infidels” by hiding our offspring and spouses under this biological iron fist shadow, and merely substitute our mini-kingdoms for “the Reality that is in Christ”: HIS Plan of “a HUNDRED mothers, brothers, sisters.” Our little things will never fulfill God’s Plan, or even change lives to His Glory, since we are building around biology and natural genes as Jesus, John, and Paul said the Jews were mistakenly continuing to do—instead of how Jesus has defined Life and Family: the Promise, the Spirit! In this faulty paradigm, leaven is ultimately cultivated rather than redeemed, and our progeny are robbed of the other daily Gifts in the Body of Christ...when we build on shadows, rather than the Reality of 1 Corinthians 12 daily Life. When we build this way, we rob ourselves and our families, and are “worse than infidels” because, for our own egos, we steal from our families the sum of the greatest Gifts God has offered us: “a HUNDRED” intimate daily relationships by those endued with the Spirit of Christ and Gifted by Him.

Some, by their emotional makeup are easily manipulated to a temporary “emotional high” by speeches or conjured music during a “service” or “program.”

For those who REALLY want all of Jesus, this sage insight from Siam below describes what all encounter who WANT daily 1 Corinthians 12, Hebrews 3:12-14, Acts 2:42-47 LIFE that Jesus rose from the grave to bestow upon us, but are stunted by the teachings, structures, and methods of men! This saying describes what happens when we allow any of the things mentioned above to dilute the “daily” Together-Life He demonstrated with the Twelve, and then the 3,120 from Pentecost forward! This is to say: Life is hopelessly empty and greatly disappointing for those who REALLY care...when we build man’s way, for any of the reasons mentioned above. The “leaders” will think all is fine, but........someone in Siam saw it coming.....

“For all except the lead elephant, the scenery never changes.” : )

AHHHHH! But there is SO much more “for all who Believe” and for those who “let no one steal their crown”!!


Trust Him and Obey, and Watch in Expectation!! : )
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