A Barely Awake-Dream


Picture yourself in a jeep-type vehicle on a rocky, loose, but visible path, far out in the wilderness. There is, on your left, a fairly steep hill, and a cliff on your right. This rocky dirt wall on your left is composed of loose gravel and dirt, and is all along the left side of the rough rocky, but visible trail you are traveling upon.

On this fairly steep, loose gravel and dirt hill on your left, there is no readily visible path. There are various profiles of steepness and mounds as far as you can see, up and forward on your left.

The gravel and dirt path your vehicle is on is somewhat bumpy—but it is a path. And you already know where this path leads. It’s a slow descent into a noxious dump ground.

The thoughts in your mind are somewhat frightening and testing. Do you have the courage to turn the jeep off of the simple path? Will you willingly turn up, and INTO the loose-gravel hill to your left, not seeing a path, or even an easy ascent course? Will you TRY to climb the fairly steep and loose walls to your left? Will you try to find a way up the mountain where there is no path, and the gravel is loose, knowing intuitively that you could slide sideways, or even overturn the jeep?

You cannot go backwards (no one can). And, you know where the slowly descending path goes.

Are you willing to risk, to TRY to climb the mountain, risking the slides, and mistakes, or even roll-overs? Or will you just take the descending “safe” path, that ends in the toxic dump, and justify that in your mind as “safer”?

Just MAYBE, though, there is a PIONEER, One who has taken the risky route in the past, outside the camp and predictable and supposedly “safe” man-pleasing route. MAYBE He Promised, and He will provide a Helping hand on the way—one mound at a time, up the Mountain, for those who Risk.

He HAS, and He DID.

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