The Measure of a Life of Power With God


GOD: “...even if these three men—Noah, Daniel, and Job...” (Ezek. 14:14,20) ...“Even if Moses and Samuel stood before Me...” (Jer. 15:1). “...David...a man after my heart...” (Acts 13:22).

Father has held out these men in a spectacular way, as if to say, “These guys are amongst my favorites of all human history. I listened to them in almost every circumstance!” WHY?? Why did God listen to them? WHY did they, by God’s OWN testimony, have a way with God that few have? Because they were “perfect?” I don’t think so. Read their stories! To a man, if you had lived in their era, and measured as men measure, you could have found MAJOR reasons to be critical of them. MAJOR. (In RETROSPECT we would, OF COURSE be impressed with them. What if we lived when they did? How would you have done then? Ask Aaron and Miriam how easy it was when you see them! : ))

How did God view those men? And WHY did God express such pleasure and confidence in them?? THAT ALONE is how we should measure life, in them, in others, in ourselves. Give it some thought. WHY did God honor these men, in spite of failings? What DID they have?? What DID they have???

1) How did they respond to their failings? (Mandatory point. Skip this one and you need go no further.)

2) What do you see in their lives and hearts that was different than the masses of people around them? How did they stand out that SO impressed God, in spite of their lapses?

What is it?? You’ve GOT to know!!! Find the secret!!!

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