A. Murray, About Our Jesus :)


The old nature of the believer remains evil and sinful to the last; it is only as he daily comes, all empty and helpless, to His Savior to receive His life and strength, that he can bring forth the fruits of righteousness to the glory of God.

..Oh that you would learn a lesson from the time of your first coming to the Savior! Remember, dear soul, how you were led, contrary to all that your experience, and your feelings, and even your sober judgement said, to take Jesus at His word, and how you were not disappointed. He did receive you, and pardon you; He did love you, and save you—you know it. And He did this for you when you were an enemy and a stranger; what think you, now that you are His own, will He not much more fulfill His promise? ..He really will be to you all that a vine can be—holding you fast, nourishing you, and making Himself responsible for your growth and your fruit.

..it is the faith in what Christ is, more than anything else, that will keep you abiding in Him. A soul filled with large thoughts of the Vine will be a strong branch, and will abide confidently in Him. Be much occupied with Jesus, and believe much in Him, as the True Vine.

..it is the faith that c o n t i n u a l l y closes its eyes to the weakness of the creature, and finds its joy in the sufficiency of an Almighty Savior, that makes the soul strong and glad.

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