The Word of Faith


The phrase word of faith has been, I suppose, abused and turned into some gimmick oriented, self-serving, genie in a bottle sort of deal, but there is still a truth to it that you must not forget. This idea of “word of faith” is to pursue God, to believe what He believes, to see what He sees and then to stand on that. The thing that created the heavens and the earth was God’s Word: “Let there be Light.” It was God’s Word that had the creative power to create the galaxies with zillions of tons of matter and trillions of pounds of fuel that burn helium and hydrogen. The things that have happened all around us: the galaxies out there, the stars that aren’t just little tiny beacons of light in the air, the huge galaxies with zillions of tons of fuel that’s burning millions of degrees hot all that stuff that’s out there happened because God spoke.

What I want you to understand, if you don’t understand already, is that if anyone says to this mountain be thou removed and cast into the sea it shall be done. Not doubting. You must not live a life of complaining. Put the complaining words aside. Put the words of skepticism and fear aside. Grab a hold of what God’s revealed will is and stand on that no matter what you see. If you won’t do that you will be tossed to and fro. If you doubt, you will be like an unstable sea and you shouldn’t think you will receive anything from the Lord.

But the point is this: It’s not our desire to get our will done that we conjure up in our head some certain thing that we want and then we demand it and then we lay hold of it and claim it. All these sorts of things are rather gimmicky and extremely unfruitful if you were to check it out. But there is something that is true and real and that is to pursue God’s will. His current will. His current thought. And to believe what Jesus said and to stand on what God is now saying and what God’s attitude and God’s perspective is of a particular issue no matter what you feel like, no matter what see, no matter what anybody else says or does. It doesn’t make any difference. You wake up in the morning and you feel some certain way about yourself or about some certain circumstance. The first question out of your mouth isn’t how do I feel about it. The first question out of your mouth is how does God feel about it? How does God feel about it? And on THAT I will stand regardless of circumstances. Regardless of events and failings and shortcomings, all those things. I will not waiver. I will find out God’s will and I will stand on it. I will crucify self-centered motives. James said that if you ask amiss consuming on your own lust you shouldn’t think that you’ll receive anything from the Lord. So there are times when we could do something selfishly and pursue something for our self and lay hold of it and God won’t answer that.

There’s a whole realm of Life. And I just know what God intends. There is no question in my mind. That’s not one of those disputable matters. This isn’t a self-centered issue or man-centered issue. I know what God’s will is. Is there any question whatsoever of the end product of God’s will? How that will come to pass only He knows but I know this much that the only thing keeping it from coming to pass is unbelief. It isn’t his commitment. It isn’t his sinlessness. It’s not his environment. It’s not how dedicated he is with a prayer life or how well he knows his Bible. Those aren’t the issues. It’s a simple belief in what God had ordained for his life. It’s His desire that he be presented perfect before the glorious throne. That he bear much fruit showing himself to be Jesus’ disciple. It’s God’s revealed will that he emanate the life and the fruitfulness and the character and the substance and fullness of Jesus of Nazareth in the body as it says in Romans 5. Now. Not just some distant pie in the sky thing.

I know God’s will and the only thing that can keep me from getting there is the thing that humans fall prey to so easily and that is to be subject to their own feelings, observations, and introspection. I choose to believe God in spite of my past failings. I choose to believe God in spite of how I feel when I get up in the morning. I choose to believe God for my future and where I’m ultimately going no matter how far I may seem to be from that mark right now. And any progress I’ve ever had has been solely related to an attitude of gratitude to God and of faith in the Blood of Jesus and the Spirit of Jesus. It isn’t some attainment. Paul said he wanted to work harder than all the rest by God’s grace. I appreciate that and I too want to work harder than all the rest.

But that is not the issue. Faith in the blood of Jesus Christ and the word of His promise and the ability of the Spirit of God is the issue. That’s the thing that’ll make the difference of life and death, of fruitfulness and unfruitfulness in anybody’s life. If I looked at it through the eyes of flesh I would say, “Well, I don’t know. Here’s my past record. Here’s what happened last time I said that. Here’s what everybody else is doing and I’m sure no better than them.” And I can go down a long list of reasons that says I’ll never amount to anything. But if I really believe what Jesus said about my potential and not look back, then I’ve taken a giant leap forward to attaining that because it’s based on faith, grace, unmerited favor and faith and that not of yourselves lest any man boast.

God never wants us to be in a situation where someone’s intelligence or self-discipline or some other thing becomes to their credit, their reason for being effective for Christ. He takes the things that are not noble and not wise and not pretty. He takes the children not the wise and the learned. He takes the people that believe His word. That believes the same powerful word that spoke the galaxies into existence. To believe that His word is more powerful than anything else I could ever feel or think or imagine or fall in to. It’s bigger than all that. There’s substance in His word; His promises have substance. They’re real. They’re to be believed and held on to regardless of anything anybody would ever say or do. Regardless of any event or any failure. His word is to be believed and held on to unwaveringly without complaint. With gratitude and praise.

Sons of Abraham, in Romans 4, are those who believe without wavering, being fully persuaded, giving glory to God. To have that sort of attitude in spite of any possible circumstance or anything that would ever come against you or come upon you. That sort of faith is the thing that the Kingdom of God is made of and the last days will be ushered in by. Not your talent, not your ability, not your knowledge but your faith. This is the work of God to believe on the one whom He sent. There’s your job. Your mission should you decide to accept it. Believe on the one whom He sent. You could see, if you can understand at all of what I just said, how essential it is, not some sort of hocus pocus or magic positive mental attitude sort of thing. I’m not talking about P.M.A.

What I’m talking about is apprehending the word of God and embracing it regardless of anything that would seek to undermine that. If you’ll live that way, if you’ll come up against a situation like just mentioned: the past, failures or the weakness or the doubts that satan would throw your direction and say, ”Listen, I know where I’ve been but I don’t care. I am not looking back. I believe what Jesus said is my destiny and I refuse to accept anything but that. I refuse to accept anything but God’s destiny for my life. Nothing else will satisfy me, nothing else will move me, nothing else will thwart my convictions and my gratitude and my praise. Nothing else will touch me. I will go on and nothing on heaven and earth can stop me because God has spoken.” That has to be our attitude towards every obstacle. That’s the attitude, that’s the heart of faith that will usher in the return of the Lord. We’ll never get smart enough or committed enough. That’s not the issue. This is the work of God: to believe on the one whom He sent. Where do we go from here? The whole future hinges on that one question and whether or not it can be, “Well, what did God say about where I’m going from here?” That’s where I’m going and I don’t care what you think because I’m going anyway because God said.

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