Animals in Heaven?


Please don’t think I’m foolish to ask this question but I’ve got to know. I’ve read several scriptures regarding this issue and I believe animals go to heaven, but my husband doesn’t. Could you please clarify this issue for me? The loss of my special friend this past week has been so very painful. I loved her very much and I miss her even more. (Genesis 9,13-17 8-16; Ecclesiastes 3, 18-21; Revelation 5,13; Job 12,-10 7-10; Matthew 10,-29; Romans 8, 21-22; Revelations 19,-11; Proverbs 12, 10; Psalms 50, 10-11; 45 9-10-13-15-21)

Thank you so very much.

In Christ,

Hi to you both : ) You missed Rev.19:11! : ) Actually, any references to “animals in heaven” could easily be understood to be figurative, rather than literal or not referring to heaven at all—and we know for certain animals have no souls, so cannot be “Saved” per se.

**HOWEVER, this much I can promise you, knowing Dad: EITHER He will provide such amenities for us there, OR we will be SOOOOO enamored with HIM and the future and assignments and opportunities that we won’t even KNOW we don’t have pets to put attention and affection into—so WE WIN EITHER WAY!**

You know how there are times we view certain things in life to be “indispensable” (as in “I don’t know WHAT I would ever do without thus and such!”)—and then something else comes along that is so much better that you don’t even much think about the old thing, except to smile on occasion. A LOT of things will be like that in Heaven. We will be SOOOO overwhelmed with what IS, that we will only have a smile about what WAS, without any further “need” for it, as we thought we surely would. Being grateful for ANY gift, for whatever time we have shared in it, short or long, pleases Father…: ) : )

Love in the Bread and Life of man,
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